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Update on site construction and the future of 4chan X

Quick sidenote: According to Google Analytics, there have been, on average, about five visitors to this site a day over the past few days, including one person in France. This has been the greatest spike in traffic to this site in its history, and I hope there will be continued growth in the future. Thank you to everyone who has paid a visit, and twice the kudos to everyone reading these words right now. Thank you for your time. Et pour mon lecteur français seul, je vous remercie aussi. Je suis désolé pour mon mauvais français.

Progress on the site has been very slow so far, but the pace should pick up very quickly. The semester is over, finals are in the rear-view mirror, and now I have more time and head space to dedicate to my work on this site and some of the projects that I plan to host here.

As for why the homepage is still a giant “Coming Soon” notice, and for the lack of project pages (like for 4chan X for Safari), and the use of the default WordPress theme for the blog, right now it’s simply a matter of putting the pieces together and making sure that everything works as it should. Two months ago I uploaded the first version of index.html and dove head-first into the world of web design, starting with the very basics. Much of the work I’ve done in those two months, in the free time I’ve had aside from school, studying, and my job, was getting logistical considerations out of the way, like site organization, file hierarchy, and establishing a solid workflow. A significant chunk of this development time has been spent trying to work out a design for the site, and by now I’ve gone through well over a dozen mostly hideous concepts and prototypes. I’ve finally arrived at a layout that I’m comfortable with, and hopefully the first large pieces of that will be visible within the next week or so. At this point, I don’t feel comfortable setting any hard dates because, considering how long it has taken me to get this far, I’ll just leave it up to “when it’s done, it’s done”. Of course, I’ll have more updates on the blog as more progress gets made.

On the subject of blog updates, essentially at the rate I was going, they’ve come along at a frequency of about one a month. My goal is not to put out a periodical, but to keep people in the loop and up to date with what’s going on, much like I did on Wednesday with my post on the future of 4chan X for Safari. The reason that posts have been so sparse isn’t that I don’t have anything to talk about, it’s just that, thanks to school (primarily, short deadlines and long page count requirements), I’ve gotten into a very bad habit of of droning on longer than I should and delving into monotony and sometimes missing my points as a result. Part of producing this blog will be, for me, practice in getting out information and thoughts as efficiently as possible. Already, I see that I’m over 500 words on this post and it makes me squirm a bit.

On the 4chan X front, the news from MayhemYDG is, in a strange way, both surprising, and yet, also not so surprising. As I mentioned in the post I wrote on Wednesday, Safari support has been cut off in 4chan X V3. I will still host and support 4chan X V2 for Safari for those that want it, which you can download here. I also put together and actively support a popular fork of 4chan X, Appchan X, which you can download here. It’s sobering in a way to see an extension that I put so much time into to polish it and make it stand out get cut off at the knees just a few short months after release. There is a notice on the page for V2 (right near the link to the page for V3) that states: “v2 will be supported for a while, but you’ll have to upgrade sooner or later”. If only that inevitability held true for Safari users. For the time being, I’ve switched over to Chrome on my mac and on my iPhone. It’s nice to see an official plugin for 4chan X on Chrome, especially one with automatic updating straight from the source built-in. So far, it’s been smooth sailing, but I do miss you, Safari. You will not be forgotten.

As I sign off, I want to thank all of you for reading my blog. Your readership means so much to me. Thank you for your patience as I build my site, my brand, and my projects and future products.

Thank you.

P.S. If you’d like to easily stay updated and in the loop, follow me on Twitter @Soldiare or like the Soldiare page on Facebook. Also, feel free to shout out or ask a question any time.

4chan X for Safari icon

4chan X 3.0 for Safari

Unfortunately, the title isn’t leading to what you think it might. Just as quickly as the 4chan X for Safari extension was created, it was also snuffed. The extension was a labor of love, an attempt to bring the power of 4chan X to the once-glorious Safari. Everything in version 2 worked just as you might expect, just like in the other officially supported browsers. 4chan X for Safari was, at best, a set of hacks, the digital equivalent of some string, a roll of duct tape and a little WD-40 all rolled together to allow the user script to work inside of Safari. I’m sure that in the back of my mind somewhere, perhaps I had thought about when (or, more optimistically, if) such a day would ever come when an update would render the user script, and thus the extension, partially, or even wholly incompatible with Safari.

Today is that day.

I asked about Safari compatibility:

As it turns out, “Safari is too outdated.”

As for the future of the extension, I’ll still host it and maintain it. Of course, auto-updates really aren’t much to tout anymore, seeing as version 2 is now outdated and superseded. So, goodnight sweet prince, we barely knew ye.

Maybe it’s time to jump ship over to Firefox or Chrome. One of the main reasons that I held onto Safari for so long, fueling my desire to create the extension, was because it was the first browser to fully support HiDPI on my Retina MacBook Pro. That, and the little features, like iCloud tabs, reading list, and the integrated sharing features made it easy keep everything in sync with Safari on my iPhone.

The website is still very much under construction, so in the meantime, here are the download links for 4chan X and Appchan X:

Download 4chan X for Safari 2.39.3 (Build 16)

Download Appchan X for Safari 1.2.6 (Build 1)

So, this is it. Thanks for playing along. Rest assured that there will be more coming in the future.

R.I.P. 4chan X for Safari